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Firefighting Operation of the Future

by Marcus
Firefighting operation of the future

Firefighting operation of the future – ZIEGLER presents Z-Connect

When talking about the future of the latest firefighting technology, the question about the meaning of digitalization in this topic arises immediately–just like in other sectors too. Politics, expert committees like the “Deutsche Städtetag “(cf. Digitalisierung im Brand, Katastrophenschutz und Rettungswesen Diskussionspapier des Deutschen Städtetages“, 2019) and the vfdb(cf. Research „Digitale Transformation in der zivilen Gefahrenabwehr“, 2020) are dealing with this topic intensively.

Current emergency scenarios additionally illustrate the importance of accessible data and information of assistance systems. Especially for bigger operations, the overall connection has to be the first priority. At this point it is crucial that resources, operational forces and valuable abilities are bundled in order to work together efficiently. Therefore, holistic digital assistance solutions are indispensable.

ZIEGLER has been pursuing this approach consistently since 2019: From the digitalization of products and vehicles to connectivity (telematic) up to information management platforms.

Launch of the new Z-Control in 2020

With Z-Control of the latest generation, ZIEGLER has not only set high standards in terms of the first-class operation but in much more: Behind the operation system, their is soft-and hardware technology which controls the products and vehicles digitally with an “Onboard” network and also collects all data from numerous sensors centrally –of course compatible with CAN-Bus-systems of the chassis and FireCAN.

This is how the basic ability to analyze all trackable data and to share them via an interface was created in the system.

Firefighting operation of the future
Example representation Z-Connect

ZIEGLER presents Z-Connect

ZIEGLER now goes one step further: With the new, in-house developed system Z-Connect, ZIEGLER made connectivity (telematic, gate away, resp. IoT-ability) for all products and vehicles technologically ready for the market. A milestone for this purpose is the strategic technology partnership with ZF Friedrichshafen.

One example is the Cu Pro Onboard Unit from ZF which is built inside a ZIEGLER vehicle. ZIEGLER has thus implemented its claim to use first-class, forward-looking and–above all–extremely high-performance and fail-safe technology from the automotive sector. Now, step by step, ZIEGLER is able to offer digital services of which functions will be extended constantly, but also –and this is especially important –which offer interfaces to all customary platforms and service providers. With Z-Connect, ZIEGLER brings its whole know-how into the sector and brings a system to the market that ensures usability and is user-friendly for firefighters.

Vehicle and Fleet Management

The vehicle and fleet management is available from now on and will be updated regularly. It delivers data about the condition, the readiness of the components and the vehicles of a fleet in real-time. Thus, the operation leader has an excellent overview of all important vehicle data, enriched with further information about devices, team and even possible injured. Z-Connect is able to access to all available Z-CAN-Bus-Signals of the vehicles and to edit those in a dashboard.

These include the following (among others):

  • Live-View Vehicle
  • Live-View Fleet
  • Live-View Equipment
  • Live-View Crew
  • Live-View of affected / injured people
  • Extinguishing Agent Levels
  • Error Messages Chassis
  • Condition Signal System
  • Automatic Logbook
  • Specific Reports and Statistics (Pro Analytics)
  • Consumption Monitoring
  • AI-Routing
  • and much more in the future
Firefighting operation of the future
Screenshot / Example representation Z-Connect

Remote maintenance via Z-Remote

Another important innovation which ZIEGLER can provide from now on, is a service offer via remote maintenance: With the application Z-Remote, the possibility for „over the air“ analysis, creating diagnoses and for planning actions anticipatory and target orientated (predictive maintenance) as well as for increasing the operational capability of the vehicle to a maximum, is given.

The results for customers are enormous benefits like fast service aid, short reparation times and fast delivery of the right spare parts. In the sector of After Sales, parameters can be changed, functions can be de-or activated, but also reliable updates of the control unit software are possible.

First ZIEGLER vehicles are already equipped with the new system –among others the two new Z8 of the Airport Münster-Osnabrück (FMO).

Important step towards working thanks to open interfaces in the future

With the implementation of Z-Connect, the step towards operation management with real-time vehicle data was realized also with the help of our industry-leading partners. The approach of ZIEGLER is holistic.

The company focuses on connection: Open interfaces to subject-specific professionals, lead established market providers and necessary information. ZIEGLER focuses on an open, learning system that adapts agile to the dynamic requirements, that is scalable and networked.

With this, the deciding operation force is able to make decisions based on the best and full data situation. This is a vision for the future development of the IMBOS platform.

ZIEGLER is founder and member of the IMBOS platform

ZIEGLER is, with ZF, MP BOS and Eurocommand, founder and member of this platform. IMBOS unites competencies, responsibilities and abilities from the sectors leadership support and connectivity products for rescue services all over Europe.

Together it is possible to collect and to view all of the information live, for example, the live-overview of the vehicles and operation forces, live-data of patients, but also the condition overview of the vehicles as well as the management of the operation forces, vehicles and devices.

IMBOS is a neutral platform and is accessible for all service providers in the sector authorities and organizations with security tasks.

The system is designed as a primary information source for the BOS sector, including data from vehicles, equipment and operation forces. It offers localization and identification in real time, combined with background information. Beyond that, numerous additional functions are available.

Firefighting operation of the future
The two new Z8 of FMO already owns the remote maintenance system Z-Remote

At one glance: The five most important facts about Z-Connect

  • High-performing, industrial Hard-Software-System with the highest safety standard in the automotive sector: Transmission Rate, Connectivity, 5 G, cloud based.
  • Technology from the commercial vehicle sector meets the technical expertise from firefighters and the rescue service sector. Usability and an easy User Experience for small and big management tasks of the daily routines of attendance, alert, operation up to debriefing and maintenance.
  • Continuous system connects products, vehicles, devices, patients and operation forces, scalable and customizable.
  • Learning, self-improving system with evaluable data-mining, knowledge gain for future tactic and equipment procurement according to regional or local needs.
  • Connection to an open platform system with accessible interfaces, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary in the interest of ensuring a public safety situation.

For more information visit https://www.ziegler.de

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