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Firefighter Tackles Ultimate Iron-Man Challenge

by Marcus

Firefighter Scott Butler Tackles Ultimate Iron-Man Challenge

It’s not often the name of leading workwear manufacturer Ballyclare Limited is linked with an iron man challenge involving the highest mountain in Europe, but firefighter Scott Butler is making that link in a mammoth effort to raise money for charity.

Scott is a serving firefighter with the Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service, and is being sponsored by Ballyclare on the epic Elbrus Challenge which he is currently undertaking. The challenge will see Scott complete an 1,800-mile cycle ride through Europe, followed by a 750-mile row across the Black Sea, before he completes the adventure by climbing the 18,510ft Mount Elbrus in Southern Russia.

“We originally heard about Scott because we supply protective clothing to his colleagues in the Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service,” explains Carlton Greener, Managing Director of Ballyclare. “Scott’s doing the challenge to raise money for The Fire Fighters Charity, Facing Africa and the Multiple Sclerosis Society. These are all very worthwhile causes, so we wanted to help by providing sponsorship, especially as this is also a very unusual challenge.”

One of Scott’s reasons for tackling this particular challenge was the fact that it has never been done before. “Many people have rowed across the Atlantic or climbed Mount Everest, but this has never been attempted before. In particular, no-one has ever rowed across the Black Sea, so if I’m successful I will have created a world record too.”

Scott actually began his challenge late last year and completed the 1,800-mile cycle ride across Europe to the west coast of the Black Sea, but a logistics problem meant that he could not begin the sea crossing leg of his journey. “Despite that I’m aiming to pick up where I left off, and with help from generous sponsors like Ballyclare I’ve got every intention of reaching the top of Elbrus,” concludes Scott.

To find out more about Ballyclare, please visit their website.

Firefighter Scott Butler is being sponsored by workwear manufacturer Ballyclare Limited on an iron man challenge involving an 1,800-mile cycle ride, a 750-mile row across the Black Sea and climbing an 18,510ft mountain in Southern Russia.

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