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by Marcus

Firefighter Protection UK Ltd mission to supply high quality protective equipment to emergency services, providing them with superior products that offer value, safety and user comfort, with a service to match.
We are Sole main agents for the Swedish glove manufacturer, Granqvists AB, Karlstad, Sweden & Brage Protective Wear produced by Procurator AB also from Sweden. We believe these companies have standards, ethics and attention to detail exceeding that of other manufacturers in the world market place.
Both companies manufacture and supply products meeting the ISO 9002 standard and are ISO 14001 certified. Their specialist garments meet those standards and are CE certificated to meet the latest requirements for emergency services.
It is because of their specialist knowledge and capabilities and our unique relationship with them, that we believe they are the ideal manufacturer for any emergency service. Their products are generally priced extremely competitively within the European market, with a quality that is second to none.
Firefighter Protection UK Ltd are the UK sole agents for both Granqvists range of gloves and the layered under garments and general work wear from Brage. What makes us different is that we have real practical experience across a range of emergency services and military. We know the true performance of our products which are both cost effective with unsurpassed quality.
The manufacturing processes for all our products are quality assured and checked at every stage. The gloves can be checked right down to who made them. The materials are only sourced from ethical suppliers which is continually scrutinised to maintain quality.
We can also work with organisations to produce bespoke gloves, experimenting with different materials based on customer output specifications. If you are looking for an innovative solution and you want to buy from a company who cares and has access to the most creative manufacturers then give us a call.

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