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Firefighter Functional Fitness Selection Test

by Marcus

Firefighter Functional Fitness Selection Test at Humberside Fire & Rescue Service

The Fire ground fitness test has been specifically designed to identify whether a trained firefighter with a level of cardiorespiratory fitness in the AMBER fitness category (35.6 – 42.2 mlO2.kg.min) has ability to undertake key firefighting tasks effectively. In order for this test to be considered valid, the key points and task instructions should be carefully followed.

Key points

SAFETY – Those undertaking this timed physical test MUST be considered medically and physically safe enough to undertake potentially maximal exercise. Safety to undertake the test should be identified through an appropriate physical activity risk assessment and in consultation with the relevant person(s) within the organisation (i.e. medical adviser / occupational health nurse / fitness adviser / health and safety adviser / manager etc.). Guidance on physical activity risk assessments can be found in the Safety section of this guidance. Current risk assessment screening practices should be followed to ensure risk is identified and managed appropriately.

FAMILIARISATION –Those undertaking the fire ground fitness test should have been properly trained and be considered competent at completing the firefighting tasks. Where the activities / test is not completed regularly as part of training activities (i.e. once a month), a number of practice attempts of the test (i.e. 2-3) in the preceding days / weeks should be allowed to ensure individuals are familiarised with the activities and assessment procedure.

PROTOCOL – The test MUST be administered exactly as described in this documentation to ensure that the pass time of 11 minutes and 11 seconds remains valid. Any changes made to the task protocol (however small) will affect the ability of the test to infer fitness for operational duties.

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