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by Marcus
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For more than a decade, Fireblast Global has specialized in the design and production of fire training equipment for first responders and fire service personnel. Founded in the 90’s, Fireblast Global continues to set the pace for the industry and expand the scope of fire training. As the premier provider of fire training equipment, Fireblast Global continues to provide every customer with products, service and support second to none.

How do you define value? At Fireblast Global, we believe the design of outstanding training equipment, with proven reliability, backed by top-rated product support, gives “value” a whole new meaning – and year after year our customers agree. We continually seek new and meaningful ways to improve our services and existing products, by introducing new equipment in this ever-evolving marketplace. For our products to remain the pinnacle for fire training equipment means embracing the idea that even the best can always be better. This forward thinking process, and our commitment to

“Operational Excellence”, is proof that Fireblast is the leader in innovation and design.

One of Fireblast Global’s founding principles was to create a new way of manufacturing that would result in a level of quality that is unrivaled in the industry, while decreasing the amount of time it takes to complete each training unit.
As all great organizations realize, these principles in large part depend upon the strength of its human assets. In every way, we at Fireblast Global recognize that our future will be directly measured by the ability to attract and retain world-class talent.

Start your training adventure at the company with the very same professionals who will engineer and build your new Fireblast Global live fire training unit. We invite all our potential customers to visit our manufacturing facility and witness the exceedingly high standards of quality, in terms of fit, finish, materials, systems and equipment built into our products.

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