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by Marcus

Fire & Water Supplies is ideally positioned to meet the needs of customers across all sectors – whether general or trade, residential or commercial,  public sector or private.
Our experience and industry relationships cement our standing as the UK’s leading supplier of cutting edge flood protection products and international fire fittings and products. Our team have worked together for over a decade and have a firm understanding of the current marketplace, enabling them to meet customer needs quickly and in expert fashion.
We stock and supply some of the most groundbreaking flood products available across the globe and respond rapidly to trends and advancements. You’ll find us at the latest Expos and industry events across the UK and you’ll invariably spot our products on your regional news channels when those uninvited floods appear.
We have key trade relationships with some of Europe’s and Asia’s leading manufacturers; relationships that have been built over many years. The trust that we have built with our suppliers is reflected in the trust that we then pass onto our customers.
Our steadfast relationships with suppliers enables us to provide products at prices that competitors struggle to contest and, in addition, we only believe in optimum levels of customer service.
At Fire & Water Supplies, you can rely on our vast experience and expertise, safe in the knowledge that we only supply quality products that meet industry standards and specifications.  All our hoses are manufactured under DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 quality management standards to BS6391, and our UK fire couplings under BS336.

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