Fire Prevention

by Marcus
Fire Prevention at Interschutz

Fire Prevention – Halls 12, 13

Modern building designs, bigger dimensions and densely built-up areas are leading to new requirements for preventive fire protection.

INTERSCHUTZ covers all the relevant areas, from planning to implementation. Here you can swap ideas with specialists from around the world within the framework of this, the industry’s networking hub for preventive fire protection.

Main themes

  • Structural engineering, technical fire and building protection
  • Associations, organizations, service companies

Special events

  • Live demonstrations on the demonstration site
  • Global overview: Partner Country Days staged by France, Italy and the USA
  • INTERSCHUTZ runs parallel to the German Firefighting Convention

INTERSCHUTZ covers the full range of products and services for the fire and rescue services, civil protection, safety and security industries.

For more information visit our INTERSCHUTZ 2022 PREVIEW GUIDE

INTERSCHUTZ 2022 Floor Plan
INTERSCHUTZ 2022 Floor Plan

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