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Fire Fogging Systems Ltd

by Marcus

Fire Fogging Systems was first established in 1990 with the development of a unique mobile fire fighting system using low water volume, high density fog for fighting both A & B type fires. Expanding quickly in securing business worldwide.
Our passion to deliver fire fighting solutions is as strong today as it was 20 years ago. Achieving this aim by working closely and listening to our customers.
After approximately 5 years in research and development, working with the UK Fire & Rescue Services and other industries, we increased the water capacity from 3 minutes of usage to 40 minutes,with the same amount of water, with a specific droplet size.
Fire Fogging Systems has a proven success as an established and respected supplier to approximately 70% of the UK’s Fire & Rescue Service, with some operating between 10 and 15 systems. Related industries include over 75% of UK National Parks, the majority of Land Management Agencies. Our systems have been trialled, tested, approved and operational with the Ministry of Defence (MoD). Operating worldwide in areas such as Australia, China, Falkland Islands, Ireland, Lebanon, Oman and Russia.

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