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FILMOPOL C6 AFFF-AR supplied by BIOex

FILMOPOL firefighting foam is a fluorosynthetic AR-AFFF foam concentrate. FILMOPOL is formulated with the last generation of C6 fluorosurfactant to extinguish class B hydrocarbon and polar solvent fires, as well as class A fires.

FILMOPOL Alcohol-Resistant Aqueous Film-Forming Foam is used on fires such as chemical processing plants, storage tanks, loading racks, power stations, marine vessels…


The film forming properties (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) provides rapid fire control and extinguishment when directly applied to hydrocarbon fires.

The multi-purpose AR property (Alcohol Resistant) consists in generating a polymer film on the surface of the water-soluble fuel. The film spreads over the fuel and blocks oxygen supply to the fuel. This provides vapour suppression and avoids foam blanket destruction by solvent destructive effects. If disturbed, this polymeric film regenerates by itself. It makes FILMOPOL AFFF-AR foam is highly resistant to re-ignition.

FILMOPOL is applicable on class B hydrocarbon fires (such as fuel, diesel oil, petrol, kerosene, etc.), polar solvent fires (such as alcohol, ketones, ethers, etc.) and class A solids fires.


The raw materials, including C6 fluorosurfactants, selected by BIOex in the design and development of the product have a minimum impact on the environment.


  • International standard approvals: EN1568-1-2-3-4 v2018, UL162, LASTFIRE, GESIP, ICAO, IMO, VERITAS
  • Concentration: 1×1%, 1×3%, 3×3%, 3×6% and 6×6%
  • Usable at Low, Medium and High Expansion
  • Compatible with all fixed and mobile foam proportioning devices and foam generators (bladder tanks, Sprinklers, firehose stations, etc.)
  • Can be used with fresh or sea water
  • Can be freeze-protected up to -15°C
  • Supplied in 20l can, 200l drum, 1000l tote or bulk

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FILMOPOL C6 AFFF-AR supplied by BIOex

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