Fill Save 300

by Marcus
Fill Save 300

Fill Save 300 supplied by IDE Compressors


The FILL-SAVE 300 safety-filling-station provides maximum safety for filling breathing air cylinders from breathing air compressors.

A bursting or exploding pressure vessel inevitably has enormous consequences. Therefore safety is of utmost importance in all high-pressure applications, and several countries already introduced the obligation to use safety-filling-boxes.

With high-strength “double-layer” special steel and hydropneumatic safety doors the new FILL-SAVE 300 safety-filling-station provides maximum safety. The individual pressure cylinders are separated by safety bulkheads to prevent a chain reaction if a cylinder explodes.

The filling panel is equipped with stainless steel toggle valves (5 years warranty), highly efficient Flow-Stop sound absorbers, and IDE HCS to prevent hose rupture. Today FILL-SAVE 300 OM is the world’s only safety-filling-box, which combines maximum demand-actuated output and maximum energy efficiency. The compressor is remote controlled at the FILL SAFE.

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Fill Save 300 supplied by IDE Compressors

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