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Fill Control

Fill Control supplied by IDE Compressors

Fill Control from IDE Compressors offers all-round carefree filling breathing-air cylinders.

In June 2015 the new Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health came into effect. This imposes many new and strict requirements on operators and filling personnel of breathing-air filling systems.

A novelty: FILL-CONTROL by IDE-Compressors Manufaktur, the new fully automatic safety controls for filling systems. In June 2015 the new Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health came into effect. This imposes many new and strict requirements on operators and filling personnel of breathing-air filling systems.

In particular there are new rules for recording several sets of data before filling. FILL-CONTROL makes sure that this happens automatically and that the operator and filling personnel will not incur liability risks.

FILL-CONTROL – maximum safety in compliance with the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health

Writing down the required information is a chore and precaution, often forgotten when in a hurry, sometimes even deemed unnecessary. If a filling accident happens, however, apart from damage to health and/or property, it may well cause considerable liability and/or insurance problems for the operator of the filling facility, because failure to record required data can be construed as intent.

This is the reason why IDE-Compressors Manufaktur – as the first manufacturer – developed the new FILL-CONTROL. All relevant data are recorded automatically, and breathing-air cylinders can not be filled until these data are complete.

With FILL-CONTROL topping-up already filled breathing-air cylinders can be done in a permissible way. Cylinders can no longer overheat during filling, because high-precision infrared sensors permanently monitor their temperature and the filling rate is controlled accordingly.

With FILL-CONTROL and the new air-quality monitoring system AIRSAVE ULTIMATE IDE-Compressors Manufaktur defined a new technological benchmark – offering utmost operational safety for the operator, highest comfort for filling personnel, and maximum protection for man and matter.

The combination of IDE FILL-CONTROL and AIRSAVE ULTIMATE constitutes maximum protection against liability risks.

IDE offers a 5 year unlimited warranty on IDE stainless-steel filling valves.

Example without Power-Control

  • 6 l cylinder
  • Filling pressure: 220 bars – remaining pressure: 30 bars = 190 bar = 1140 l expanded air needed : 500 l/min FAD = 2,28 mins filling
  • Heating: approx. 52° – 65 °C (steel)
  • Ambient temperature: 24 °C
  • Remaining pressure after cooling: approx. 172 bars

Example with Power-Control

  • 6 l cylinder
  • Filling pressure: 220 bars – remaining pressure: 30 bars = 190 bar = 1140 l expanded air needed : 200 l/min FAD = 4,56 mins filling
  • Heating: approx. 33° – 37 °C (steel)
  • Ambient tem-perature: 24 °C
  • Remaining pressure after cooling: approx. 204 bars

Disadvantages without OM-Control

  • Due to high FAD and fast filling, the cylinders heat up considerably
  • Due to expansion, steel cylinders are stressed excessively
  • In composite-cylinders, the maximum permissible temperature of 60 °C can be exceeded, what in turn could cause disastrous accidents
  • The compressor wears out excessively, because with such short filling-times and maximum pressure load it does not warm up enough for sufficient lubrication
  • High energy consumption, correspondingly high pollution
  • High noise emission, correspondingly high pollution

Advantages with OM-Control

  • Cylinders will be filled slowly and steadily, always under ideal conditions
  • In composite-cylinders, the temperature remains well below the permissible value
  • Less wear in the compressor, since it always runs long enough to ensure proper lubrication
  • Considerably lower energy consumption, thus less pollution
  • Considerably less noise emission, thus less pollution


Extensive selection of filling panels: plastic-coated sheet steel cases, modular state-of-the-art technology, self-venting stainless-steel toggle valves or quarter-turn turning valves.

The optional flow regulator provides additional safety when filling composite cylinders.


With high-strength “double-layer” special steel and hydro-pneumatic safety doors the new FILL-SAVE 300 safety-filling-station (available for up to 4 or 6 cylinders) gives filling personnel maximum protection in case a pressure vessel bursts or explodes while filling. In the filling cabinet the individual pressure vessels are separated by safety bulkheads to prevent a chain reaction if one of the cylinders explodes. By the same token the shock wave created by a bursting cylinder is kept to a minimum.

The filling ports are automatically venting stainless-steel toggle valves with stainless-steel safety piping. The doors open and close pneumatically, and a sophisticated, microprocessor-controlled safety system makes working easy and comfortable and at the same time prevents incorrect operation and accidents while loading and unloading the cabinet.


Energy efficiency and maximum safety are the most important requirements that manufacturers of any kind of machinery and electronic devices must fulfill today. Because IDE Compressors Manufaktur have always taken this task very seriously we developed FILL-SAVE 300 OM.

Today this is the only filling system for breathing-air cylinders and other pressure vessels worldwide, which combines maximum demand-actuated filling output with maximum energy efficiency. The new FILL-SAVE OM safety filling system offers optimum personal safety and comfort for filling and operating personnel. As a consequence of several accidents with bursting pressure vessels during filling many countries have already introduced explosion protection guidelines or standards for filling cylinders.

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Fill Control supplied by IDE Compressors

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