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Fast Attack Jet Fire Trainer

by Marcus
Fast Attack Jet Fire Trainer

The Fast Attack Jet Fire Trainer has been designed with realism in training in mind, the Fireblast Global fast attack jet is a completely self contained training unit with on-board propane and generator.

Military ARFF incidents provide a real world challenge both on base and off the base, making the utilization of a mobile application all the more valuable to the program. Built on a custom tow truck, the trainer can be brought anywhere and set up in under an hour for training.


Key features of the Fast Attack Jet Fire Trainer:

Realistic full scale cockpit including ejection seat locking pin
Fuselage fire
Fuel Spill fire
Wing Engine fire
3-D Wheel Fire
Afterburner Fire
Collapsible nose landing gear

Navy Region Mid-Atlantic (Virginia) took delivery of its new Mobile Falcon F-18 Aircraft Trainer from Fireblast Global.

Fast Attack Jet Fire Trainer

For more information contact Crofton Engineering.

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