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Falcon DX Car Fire Trainer

by Marcus
Falcon DX Car Fire Trainer

Falcon DX Car Fire Trainer Supplied by Crofton Engineering

Falcon DX Car Fire Trainer – Vehicle Fire Training Prop

The Falcon DX Car Fire Trainer represents a mid size vehicle with interior seats and dash board accessories, but also includes integrated engine, passenger compartment, rear tire and flammable liquid spill fires. The Falcon DX Car Fire Trainer operating system utilizes a wireless handheld control pendant that provides the operator with the ability to create flame spread throughout the vehicle, and increase intensity while advancing with the students during the training exercise.

Falcon DX Car Equipment:

Multi burner control rack
Programmable logic controller
Integrated pilot and burner system
Burner management
Engine fire
Front seat fire
Rear seat fire
Rear tire fire
Flammable liquid spill
Flammable liquid ground fire

Falcon DXM Car Mobile Equipment:

DOT compliant enclosed transporter
Dual LPG cylinders
Pneumatic compressor
Power generator
Hose reels
Fluid storage tank

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Falcon DX Car Fire Trainer supplied by Crofton Engineering

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