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The F2 X-TREM is the new firefighter helmet available in several versions and thus responds to all extreme applications. The new quick adjust system of this product, called the Ratchet System, reinforces the multifunctionality of the fire helmet without compromising comfort.

[The helmet – for all Extremes]

The F2 X-TREM is a multifunctional and advanced protection helmet for various applications : forest fires and rescue missions, high level industrial protection, hazardous environment protection, traffic rescue protection.

Forest fires :

Endowed with tinted lens goggles, retro reflective stickers and perfectly vented: the most suitable helmet for forest fire-fighting.

Traffic :

The same helmet, but not vented, not necessarily with goggles and in a color of the wearer’s choice, corresponds perfectly to the multiple risky situations on roads and highways.

Rescue work in hazardous environments :

The same vented helmet, not necessarily with retro-reflective stickers, according to needs, is certified according to the EN12492 alpinist standard to operate in rescue situations in a hazardous environment.

Industrial risks :

Non vented, and dialectrical insolated, the helmet responds to the EN397 standard and can be used in all industrial environments to protect against shock and sharp falling objects, as well as against chemical risks.

Features of the F2 X-TREM Firefighter Helmet

  • High resistance, high temperature thermoplastic shell with polyurethane paint, to provide optimal shock and penetration performance.
  • Quick adjustment Ratchet System, for easy setting of head size while the helmet is on the head, even with a gloved hand.
  • Retention system with 3 point high comfort chinstrap including chincup, and several adjustment points for optimized stability whatever head size and morphology of the wearer.
  • Attachment points for additionnal equipment used in various types of operations : ear protection, face protection (mesh visor or polycarbonate clear screen), high performance lamps, full face mask.
  • Retroreflective stickers (optional) to increase visibility in tough conditions, with the possibility to fully customize the helmet thanks to printed stickers.
  • High performance goggles (optional) for specific eye protection against fumes, dust and high speed particles (EN166 compliance).

Markets: Fire Service
Applications: Firefighting, Search & Rescue

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F2 X-TREM supplied by MSA

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