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F10 Structural Firefighting Helmet

by Marcus
F10 Structural Firefighting Helmet

F10 Structural Firefighting Helmet supplied by Vimpex

For the ultimate in comfort, be free of your pain in the neck!

The Pacific F10 MKV Fire Fighting and Rescue Helmet System gives the fire fighter and professional rescuer the most up-to-date and modern form of head protection, our customers confirm it is very a comfortable and light to wear.

Manufactured from reinforced Kevlar® composite shells, the F10 MKV Structural Fire Fighting helmet offers the perfect combination of safety, balance and wearer comfort.

A jet-style design ensures that the F10 MKV is not only functional but looks good too.

Pacific Helmets F10 MKVUse of fibre-reinforced materials means the helmets have less mass than those manufactured from thermo-plastics. A lightweight helmet ensures all users can concentrate on their job rather than neck ache.

Design features include EN 14458 internal bubble face shield and unique One-Touch™ EN 166 eye protector. Accentuated shell lines provide improved shock absorption and structural rigidity.

Use of composites also means that the helmets last and last. Tests prove helmets that have been in service for over 10 years still pass stringent EN 443 testing.


  • Lightweight and designed to be extremely comfortable
  • Fully tested and approved to EN 443/EN 14458
  • Reinforced Kevlar® shells means safety can be delivered in a lightweight format
  • Composite construction means that shells outlast thermoplastic helmets
  • Very good balance giving wearer comfort to all types of user
  • Merino headband offering enhanced comfort and natural antibacterial properties

Extreme Eye and Face Protection

Pacific Helmets F10 MKV Face ProtectionThe unique One-Touch eye-guard feature means that contaminated hands need not interfere with operation of eye protection, it also means no more fiddling with knobs which are difficult to turn with some firefighting gloves. If preferred, a manually operated version can be supplied.

The Structural Fire Fighting Helmet represents all of the features a fire fighter would expect in a modern helmet. The large integral bubble visor offers excellent peripheral vision with zero distortion.

Manufactured from tough, scratch resistant polycarbonate and meeting EN 14458, when not in use it slots neatly under the helmet protecting it from contamination and damage.

Serviceable Parts

Pacific helmets are fully serviceable. Every part is quickly and easily removable without the use of special tools. Cost of ownership is therefore minimised as repairs and replacement of all components is a simple task.


Asset tracking and management is a vital tool to assist waste reduction and to ensure that total care package providers can effectively trace fire fighting equipment. Vimpex can assist with this by integrating RFID chips into the construction of the helmets.

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F10 Structural Firefighting Helmet supplied by Vimpex

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