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Excell High Expansion Foam Generator

by Marcus
Excell High Expansion Foam Generator

Excell High Expansion Foam Generator Supplied by Delta Fire

The Excell High Expansion Foam Generator is from Delta Fire’s portable foam equipment range and is used to produce large amounts of foam very quickly covering high risk areas.

The Excell High Expansion Foam Generator is powered by a water turbine and has its own built in foam induction system which means that a pressurised water supply and synthetic foam concentrate is all that is required to operate.

An additional feature is a water by-pass system which permits control of the expansion rate allowing performance to be maintained at high back pressures. The Excel is capable of ducting foam to heights in excess of 15 metres.

The Excell High Expansion Foam Generator has become a key product in Delta’s foam equipment range and are perfectly suited to’ Total Foam Flood’ applications in warehouse, ship’s hold, cable ducting and machinery space fires.

Minimal water damage is achieved by expanding the foam between 500 & 1000 times with air producing rapid, effective fire suppression.

Increasing concerns for the environment have resulted in the Fixed version of the Excell replacing Halon Gas in certain specialist installations such as computer suites and and electronic data processing areas. Excell Foam Generators are commonly used in hazardous areas such as chemical process plants and mines but many other specialist applications also exist such as the vapour suppression of hazardous material spills, blanketing LNG spill fires and tank inerting.

As with all Delta Fire’s portable foam equipment the Mini Excell is manufactured under an ISO 9001 Quality System and is compatible with any International adaptor.

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Excell High Expansion Foam Generator supplied by Delta Fire

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