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by Marcus

Evems Limited have gradually enhanced our services over the past 7 years to the point where we can now genuinely offer the very best in Fire Appliances for either U.K. Domestic Operational Roles, Airport RFFS roles or for export to Non U.K. customers

Our appliances only come from reputable sources including Direct Release from Brigades, Sale by Leasing Companies who have a responsibility to ensure machines are in good order as part of their leasing agreement, Vehicle Manufacturer’s who will thoroughly inspect and check the machines before resale.
British Fire Services Asscociation

We are also Associate Members of the British Fire Services Association which is an organisation which works closely with the U.K.’s brigades and who pride themselves on the fact that their members are of good character.
We have allied ourselves with only the very best in service providers to facilitate customer satisfaction and to ensure a full order book. This has been so successful that we now enjoy a healthy pre-order book of customer’s who have advance ordered appliances even before they are built or released from brigade service.
If you do not see the appliance you are looking for then use the “Appliance Enquiry” link provided to register your interest.

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