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ESP280 PPV Soft Starter Fan

by Marcus
ESP280 PPV Soft Starter Fan

ESP280 PPV Soft Starter Fan supplied by LEADER

The ESP280 PPV Soft Starter Fan from LEADER uses Easy POW’AIR Technology and creates a concentrated powerful jet of air for firefighting.

Electric Fans 85 700 m3/h

High Flow Fans with progressive starter or variable speed controller

ESP280: With progressive starter to reduce the current on starting without affecting performances.

ESV280: With variable speed controller to control the air flow

Positioning from 0,90 m to 6 m:

  • Effective between 2 to 6 m from the opening
  • Can also be positioned as near as 0,90 m

Airflow: 85 700 m3/h

Stable & easy to handle: With its large wheels at the back, the ESP280 is very easy to handle even in very adverse terrain.

Automatic tilt: Lifting the handle tilts the ventilator automatically to the correct working position.

Protective Frame:
epoxy coating.

Noise: 96,3 dBA at 3m (positioning the ventilator at a further distance reduces the noise level for the user).

Can be positioned to the precise angle you need between +10° and +20° (Tilt positioning accessory to ventilate sub-terrain levels). The angle above 10° negates problems with stair cases.


ESP280 PPV Soft Starter Fan supplied by LEADER

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