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by Marcus

For over 25 years Endee Engineers have been leaders in the design, manufacture and marketing of Gas Analyzers, Gas Monitors, and Thermography Services for Plant and Personnel Safety and Quality Control Applicaions using 12 different Sensor Technologies to best fit the Instrument to the application.
Founded in 1982 Endee Engineers specialize in the design, manufacture and marketing of Gas Monitors, Gas Analyzers, Dew Point Analyzers and Thermography Services incorporating state of the art sensor technology for qualitative and quantitative measurement of Environment.
It has since become a market leader and its mission is to provide quality products and solutions for Plant and Personnel Safety as well as for Quality Control applications. Our strength lies in effective networking enabling us to serve clients effectively.
We also export to Middle East, South – East Asia and Africa and offer comprehensive pre and post sale services . Innovative designs and concepts in conjunction with a stringent quality control system are used to produce instruments which are recognized as highest quality by our clients.
Endee Engineers standard and customizable product range of Gas Monitors, Gas Analyzers and Dew Point Analyzers are available in Personal, Portable and Fixed systems versions and cover a complete spectrum of Oxygen, Explosive and Toxic Gases from sub PPM to 100% Purity concentrations. Endee has been able to design and develop a wide range of products, each with a set of complementary options to suit the need of most applications. For those special applications our modular and highly flexible design approach enables us to develop custom solutions to every requirement. Finally, we provide Thermography services to proactively monitor threat levels in your Industry.

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