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Emergency Response Driver Training

by Marcus

Our emergency response driver training courses are accredited by The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents RoSPA Driver and Fleet Solutions.
When Section 19 of The Road Safety Act 2006 is implemented it will introduce significant changes. These changes mean that all Emergency Service drivers including Ambulance, Paramedic, Fire Appliance, Airport Fire Service and Police, who have satisfactorily completed a course of training in driving vehicles at ‘high speed’, will legally be permitted to utilise exemptions.
In order to address these challenges Emergency Response Driver Training has designed a comprehensive range of training programmes.
The courses are based on individual competencies in accordance with the draft High Speed Driver Training Codes of Practise. These must be achieved when the legislation changes in order to claim exemptions as determined by the Road Safety Act 2006.
The Emergency Response Blue Light Driver Training courses are conducted by our team of highly qualified ex Emergency Services personnel with many years experience delivering Emergency Response blue light driver training to the Emergency Services.

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