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Emergency Management for Airports Summit

by Marcus
Emergency Management for Airports Summit 2019


Backed by demand from global airport operators and aviation authorities, Equip Global’s renowned conference on Emergency Management for Airports Summit will take place in London on 10th to 13th October 2017.

In addition to sharing key lessons learned from recent airport disasters relating to aircraft crash, firefighting and terrorist attacks, the conference will bring together the six crucial sectors in managing an airport emergency to allow for a more comprehensive view! Besides emergency planners, airport fire and airport police, it is crucial to work with emergency medical services, airport terminal/airside operations and airlines to minimise impact on airport business.

Expect to hear from authorities involved in recent airport accidents and emergencies on how to prepare for and avoid such emergencies from occurring at your airport and how to respond rapidly and effectively to these emergencies. In addition to business continuity planning, experts will share ways to provide support to affected passengers and airport stakeholders and lastly, to resume airport operations as quickly as possible after an unfortunate event.

Emergencies that occurred in an airport will not only lead to flight delays and cause major disturbance to millions of passengers travelling in an out of the country, it could also tarnish the nation’s reputation and result in economy losses. In the modern days where airports are more than just a transportation hub, there are constant assemblies of crowds which makes it crucial to implement crisis management measures to prevent disasters and emergencies occurring around the airport vicinities which can cause mass fatalities.

Key Benefits of Attending Emergency Management for Airports Summit

1.    Hear from Airport Emergency Planners, Airport Fire & Airport Police, Local Fire/Police Authorities, Emergency Medical Services/Ambulance Services, Airlines, Terminal/Airside Operations who are involved in recent emergencies happening in an airport
2.    With over 16 real-life airport case studies focused around frequent and challenging emergencies associated with planning and recovering from bomb threats, hijacking, mass shooting, firefighting and aircraft rescue, structural fires, power failures, natural disaster and planning for emergency exercises, business continuity and post-accident recovery
3.    Highlights on key considerations in the latest airport emergencies in United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, Middle East, United State, South America and many more
4.    A complete and extensive perspective from six different agencies involved in an emergency to improve communication and coordination between these people to minimise the interruption to airport business
5.    Participate in interactive panel discussions and summit workshops to have your chance in having comprehensive discussions with global airport authorities to discuss current trends in managing emergencies and ways to resume airport operations swiftly

Who Should Attend Emergency Management for Airports Summit

  • Directors / Heads / Managers / Officers / Specialists of
  • Emergency Services/ Planning
  • Emergency Management
  • Fire / Police Department
  • Aircraft Rescue & Firefighting / Fire & Medical Services
  • Airport Police
  • Resilience/ Risk/ Business Continuity
  • Terminal Operations Manager
  • Airfield/ Airside Operations Manager
  • Airline Emergency Management/ Airline Operations Manager
  • Security/ Safety department

For more information about Emergency Management for Airports Summit, please email us at enquiry@equip-global.com or contact us (65) 6376 0908

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