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by Marcus

ELFIR are a company which since 1987 has been manufacturing and selling devices such as Associative Devices Zura and Lamp composite and single-warning for emergency vehicles and others.
At the beginning ELFIR manufactured the device with Zura analog audio signal synthesis with conventional control. These were the models: PS-100R Zura, Zura PS-100 PS-100P Zura.
In the latest devices used Zura microprocessor-controlled signal synthesis keyboard. In the latest 5120 model Zura used the latest generation power MOSFET transistors, which improves acoustic performance. The device provides better signal quality mic acoustic mode and stabilizes the output device.
Zura-type devices have a certificate of approval for electromagnetic compatibility contained EU Regulation No. 10.02.
Light clusters and a single produced in various lengths and colors according to customer requirements.
Tens of thousands of manufactured equipment by our company for many years used by our customer and their problem free operation and high quality and durability is confirmed by Them.
In our devices are equipped primarily unit of the Police, Fire Service, ambulances.

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