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With the widespread industrial & commercial application of Thermography comes a range of problems that continuously haunt offices, buildings & industrial networks. This has generated a demand for thermography services in an array of fields like, Building, Medical, Automation, Electrical/Mechanical, R&D, etc. Electric Media are here to fulfill this demand.
Thermography or thermal imaging is a term applied to a type of IR imaging whereby, IR wavelength energy is converted into visible light video display. The technique is based on the fact that, thermal IR energy is emitted by all objects above 00 Kelvin. These radiations are then detected by thermal infrared imagers or thermographic cameras to produce equivalent images.
In spite of a long history, Thermography has only recently picked up in popularity & this can be attributed to its widespread use & applications. While these are mostly used by firefighters to locate people through smoke or power lines maintenance technicians for detecting overheating joints, they are also installed in several luxury cars to aid the driver.
Though the use of this non-destructive testing tool has increased dramatically, only few industry experts possess the hands-on experience it demands & this has proved instrumental in developing a line of unparalleled services & applications by Electric Media.

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