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ECOPOL Premium complies with IMO1312 standard

by Marcus
ECOPOL Premium complies with IMO1312 standard

ECOPOL Premium complies with IMO1312 standard

The versatile AR Fluorine-Free Foam (F3) ECOPOL Premium now complies with IMO MSC.1/Circ 1312 for fire protection onboard vessels and marine application.

ECOPOL Premium is a non-fluorinated (FFF) alcohol-resistant (AR) firefighting foam. The foam forms a blanket to suppress oxygen contact, blocks flammable gas generation and has a cooling effect. This AR-FFF foam has great foaming and wetting properties. It is highly efficient in extinguishment and burnback resistance against a variety of fire risks onboard ships.

ECOPOL Premium IMO certified firefighting foam is used to protect from extensive damage to the vessel or structure onboard vessels, cargo tankers, oil and chemical tankers, FPSO, bulk carriers, container ships, marine terminals….

This mulitpurpose AR-FFF foam is suitable for fighting different class B combustibles fires such as crude oil, fuel oil, diesel, gasoline, alcohol, polar solvent… as well as class A solid fires.

Applicable on open space areas such as deck area or on enclosed spaces such as engine and pump room by means of portable jets, deck foam monitor, nozzles…

Usable at low, medium and high expansion, on direct and gentle application to fight fire from a safe distance. ECOPOL Premium firefighting foam covers the liquid surfaces and sticks to vertical surfaces.

ECOPOL Premium foam concentrate is an environmentally-friendly solution, PFAS-free and totally biodegradable.

BIOEX offers a complete range of synthetic fire suppression foams complying with IMO1312 and IMO670 circ.:

  • Hi-ex FFF (Fluorine-Free Foam) : BIOFOAM
  • AR-FFF (Fluorine-Free Foam) : ECOPOL Premium

For more information on ECOPOL Premium complies with IMO1312 standard visit www.bio-ex.com/en

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