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ECOPOL FFF-AR supplied by BIOex

BIOEX launched ECOPOL in 2002, the first Fluorine-Free Foam (FFF) on the market, a viable alternative to fluorinated foams.


ECOPOL fluorine-free foam concentrate (FFF) is a multipurpose alcohol-resistant (AR) class A/B foam concentrate.

ECOPOL has great foaming and wetting properties and is highly efficient in fire extinguishment and possesses excellent burnback resistance against a variety of risks (class B and class A fires).

ECOPOL synthetic concentrate generates low, medium, and high expansion foam.

  • Effective on class A fires

Its affinity for solid supports, combined with its high wetting capability gives ECOPOL high extinguishing performances on all class A fires.

  • Effective on class B fires – hydrocarbon and polar solvent fires

ECOPOL environmentally friendly foam can be as efficient as AFFF (Aqueous Film Forming Foam) foams.

The multi-purpose AR (Alcohol Resistant) property consists in generating a protective gel film at the surface of all types of inflammable polar liquids and provides an exceptional resistance to re-ignition.

It has been successfully tested on numerous fires, such as acetone, methanol, isopropanol, THF, diethyl ether, toluene, ethyl acetate…

  • Applicable on toxic vapours

The mechanically insulating property of the foam generated using ECOPOL is especially effective and can also be used to contain the toxic vapours of some solvents that react to water.

  • Highly efficient foaming power

The adhesive property of the foam generated adhere to vertical surfaces for an extended period. As examples, it can be applied to isolate thermally airplane fuselages while rescuing passengers, or as a wide strip during a forest fire to make the vegetation fireproof and stop the progression of the fire.

  • Also generates High Expansion foam

It is therefore recommended to drown large volumes, such as hangars, warehouses, ship’s holds, car parks, etc.


ECOPOL fluorine-free foam is harmless for environment and fully biodegradable. The foam concentrate is exempt of PFAS, PFOS, PFOA…

It achieved GreenScreen certification.


  • International standard approvals: EN1568-1-2-3-4 v2018, LASTFIRE, GESIP, ICAO, CEREN, VERITAS, APSAD R12, Greenscreen
  • Concentration: 3×3%, 3×6% and 6×6%
  • Application:
    • from 0.3% on class A fires
    • at 3% and 6% on hydrocarbon and polar solvents fires
  • Usable at Low, Medium and High Expansion
  • Pseudoplastic: its viscosity decreases when it is agitated. This property authorizes its use even at low temperature and low pressure.
  • Compatible with all foam proportioning devices and foam generators
  • Can be used with fresh or sea water
  • Supplied in 20l can, 200l drum, 1000l tote or bulk

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ECOPOL FFF-AR supplied by BIOex

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