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ECOPOL A+ FFF ICAO B foam supplied by BIOex

ECOPOL A+ is a Newtonian fluorine-free foam concentrate efficient on class B aircraft fires, ICAO B certified. This foam concentrate offers ecological solution and high performance in fire extinguishment.


ECOPOL A+ fluorine-free foam provides effective and rapid knockdown of the fire, equivalent to AFFF on aviation Hydrocarbon fuels. ECOPOL A+ is efficient on a wide range of hydrocarbon fires (kerosene, diesel, JET A1, AVGAS…).

ECOPOL A+ foam concentrate forms a stable foam blanket above the fuel. It suppresses oxygen supply and provide excellent sealing on hot surfaces. ECOPOL A+ offers an excellent burnback resistance.

Its formulation allows great adherence on vertical surfaces to durably insulate them thermally.

ECOPO A+ offers high performance on aviation risks and fires, perfect to fight against fires on airplane, helicopter…

ECOPOL A+ is designed to be used in low or medium foam. This foam concentrate performs with fresh, sea or brackish water. Thanks to a low viscosity formulation (Newtonian), it can be proportioned with standard foam equipment. This firefighting foam can be applied in direct application on class B hydrocarbon fires.

ECOPOL A+ is a Newtonian synthetic firefighting foam, which performs the Level B of the Aviation standard ICAO.


ECOPOL A+ is biodegradable, 100% fluorine-free and silicone-free. ECOPOL A+ is totally free from fluorinated compounds (without PFC, PFT, PFOA and PFOS).

This an environmentally friendly solution to extinguish aircraft fires.


  • ICAO level B certified
  • Applicable on wide range of hydrocarbon fires such as fuel, diesel, petrol, kerosene, jet A1 etc.
  • Newtonian product, compatible with all equipment available on the market and with all dosage systems
  • Concentration: 3% and 6%
  • Usable at Low and Medium Expansion
  • Can be used in mobile and fixed firefighting systems
  • Compatible with all foam proportioning devices and foam generators
  • Can be used with fresh, sea or brackish water
  • Supplied in 20l can, 200l drum, 1000l tote or bulk

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ECOPOL A+ FFF ICAO B foam supplied by BIOex

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