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by Marcus
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Eagle Technical Products was formed in 2002 to service the needs of Emergency Service Workers across a cross section of workers who need the highest level of service and protection available from their protective clothing.

The Directors of Eagle have been involved in the PPE sector for over 20 years thus giving our customers the confidence in our ability and experience within this sector. The sectors with which we have concentrated our PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

What makes our company unique is that in addition to manufacturing the finished products we also manufacture the majority of the fabrics which we use in the products. This ensures that we are in control of the complete manufacturing process and ensures that our customers receive the highest level of quality and service at competitive pricing levels

Our knitted fabrics are manufactured and finished within the UK and use worldwide brands such as Kermel, Pbi, Nomex – all excellent fibres with a worldwide reputation for quality and protection. All of our fabrics and finished products are to International Standards at independent Namas Approved Labaratories

Eagle Technical Products have a warehousing facility within the UK and three manufacturing sites to cope with any size of contract. All garments can be customised in terms of design with logos etc. Special measures sizes are also available outside our standard size range.

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