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by Marcus
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Since its founding in 1991, Dynax Corporation has become a leading global producer of specialty fluorochemicals. The product line of fluorochemicals include fluorosurfactants and foam stabilizers for use in fire-fighting foam agents; fluorosurfactants for the coatings and ink industries and other applications requiring superior wetting and leveling properties.

Achieving its first breakthrough in developing its highly efficient fluorosurfactant, DX3001, through a three year US Air Force Small Business Research Contract designed to develop environmentally more benign AFFF agents. In addition, Dynax also introduced the DX5000 series products, a new class of fluorochemicals known in the industry as “foam stabilizers.” DX5011 has since become a global benchmark product and the world’s largest volume fluorochemical foam stabilizer. Recently added the DX1000 and DX2000 series of fluorosurfactants to be used for fire-fighting foam agents.

Dynax’s DX4000 series fluorosurfactants for coatings and ink applications are designed to outperform old benchmark products, such as 3M’s FC-129. (FC-129, being derived from PFOS, is no longer on the market.) The DX4000 series fluorosurfactants are all water-based and non-flammable, and are all derived from C6 fluorotelomers.
Fluorochemical products are not derived from either PFOS or PFOA. In mid-2007 Dynax will introduce a complete line of all C6 fluorotelomer-based, non-flammable fluorosurfactants.

Today, Dynax Corporation continues to actively develop innovative fluorochemicals to further strengthen its growing leadership.

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