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Head Office:  Headquarters Hamburg, Liebigstrasse 5, 22113 Hamburg, Germany

Established in 1886, Dr. Sthamer is a family owned foam manufacturer located in Hamburg, Germany. For more than 80 years, we have been extensively involved in the research, development and production of foam fire extinguishing concentrates, used successfully in fire extinguishing systems and fire extinguishers at home and abroad.

In close cooperation with end users and testing institutes, we have designed a wide range of products complying with nationally and internationally applied standards such as EN1568:2018, FM, ICAO, IMO, UL as well as individual specifications. Lastfire testing is available for a number of products.

Thanks to decades of experience we have well founded expert knowledge at our disposal, to help our customers solve their individual problems and provide advice when selecting a suitable fire extinguishing foam concentrate.

Our product lines are:


(Class A and multi range foam concentrates for class A and B fires, no PFAS added)


(Alcohol resistant foam concentrates: – FF no PFAS added, – APS pseudoplastic AFFF-AR, – LV type

newtonian low viscosity AFFF-AR made with C6 fluorosurfactants)


(High performance F3 class B foam concentrates, no PFAS added, special FXS PLY concentrate as

replacement of AFFF in sprinkler systems for plastics risks)


(Aqueous film forming foam concentrates made with C6 fluorosurfactants)


(Protein foam concentrates)


(Wetting agent for wildland fires, wood processing and waste recycling plants)


(Ready to use liquid agents for fire extinguishers and small foam systems)

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