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Dr. Sthamer Wetting Agents

by Greg Preston
Dr. Sthamer Wetting Agents

Dr. Sthamer Wetting Agents supplied by Dr. Sthamer

Dr. Sthamer Wetting Agents are fire water additives which lower the surface tension of water and reduce the interface tension between water and solids.

Wetting Agent is a wetting agent based on synthetic, surface active components. Used as fire water additive the wetting effect of UltraWet® is considerably higher than conventional foam concentrates at the same concentration. The UltraWet® solution penetrates the surface of materials which are difficult to wet quickly and thoroughly. The use concentration of only 0.1% reduces the environmental impact and allows for a rapid and complete bio degradation.

Primary use: Municipal fire services, wood/paper industry, recycling industry

Main application: Ember forming materials (fire class A), wildfires

Installations and equipment: Hollow spray nozzles, jet pipes, spray nozzles, water sprinkler or deluge systems, water monitors

UltraWet is fluorine-free, physiologically harmless and fully biodegradable.

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Dr. Sthamer Wetting Agents supplied by Dr. Sthamer

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