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Dr. Sthamer Training Foam-U

by Greg Preston
Dr. Sthamer Training Foam-U

Dr. Sthamer Training Foam-U supplied by Dr. Sthamer

Dr. Sthamer Training Foam-U concentrates are designed for training with foam equipment and fire extinguishing foam systems. The specific recipes limit the environmental impact to a minimum. The surfactants used are easily and 100% biodegradable. Training foam concentrates may be used with all commercially available low, medium and high-expansion foam installations and equipment. They are not suitable for firefighting operations.

Dr. Sthamer Training Foam-U is used for training with foam and testing of foam equipment with polymer film-forming (pseudoplastic), alcohol-resistant foam agents. It is very easily expandable and has reduced foam stability, in order for the foam cover to collapse more quickly. Depending on the desired foam quality, the proportioning rate is

Training and test foams are fluorine-free and 100% biodegradable. Nonetheless, entry into the environment must be avoided. For details please refer to information sheet DWA-M 718 (see page 34).

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Dr. Sthamer Training Foam-U supplied by Dr. Sthamer

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