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Dr STHAMER launches vaPUREx Fire Fighting Foams

by Greg Preston
vaPUREx Fire Fighting Foams

Dr STHAMER launches vaPUREx Fire Fighting Foams: Dr. STHAMER Hamburg establishes a new product line of environmentally responsible high performing foam agents of the new type F3 according to EN 1568:2018.

vaPUREx® is made-up word composed from the terms „vapor“, „pure“ and „x“ as the short form of „ex“ (latin for “extinguished”, “put out” or “terminated”). We envision the term vaPUREx® as a synonym for the performance claim of this new product line.

vaPUREx Fire Fighting Foams – LV 1% F-10 is readily and 100% biodegradable. It is free of fluorine and silicon compounds, preservatives or other persistent or environmentally disadvantageous substances.

Three key properties of our vaPUREx Fire Fighting Foams – Products deliver:

  • Efficacy: vaPUREx®-Products are built to deliver a safe and efficient extinguishment of class B fires even without using fluorine technology. This particularly includes the forceful application of firefighting foam.
  • Robustness:vaPUREx®-Products are built to deliver a stable and robust fire performance irrespective of changing conditions (such as changing water quality, accurateness of proportioning, performance of foaming devices etc.)
  • Sustainability: all products of the vaPUREx®-Line are fully degradable and free of fluoro-organic compounds.

The first two products of our new product line – vaPUREx® LV 1% F-10 #7141 und vaPUREx® LV ICAO B 3% F-10 #7341 – were introduced at the foamschool 2018.

vaPUREx®LV 1% F-10 # 7141 is dedicated to industrial users facing class B fires of non-polar fuels as their key risk to manage. Due to its low viscosity and newtonian character vaPUREx®LV 1% F-10 can be admixed with any standard common proportioner down to -10°C.

vaPUREx® LV ICAO B 3% F-10 #7341 is our response to the demand of the international airport firefighting community for a fluorine free high performing foam concentrate suitable for low- and medium expansion applications. Also this foam concentrate is a low viscosity non-Newtonian liquid which can be proportioned by any standard proportioning system of airfield fire engines and standard fire trucks. The foam generated from solutions of vaPUREx® LV ICAO B 3% F-10 is capable to effectively blanket large spills of kerosene with a stable foam providing a high level of burn-back stability.

For further information on vaPUREx Fire Fighting Foams visit Dr STHAMER.

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