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Don’t wait for a disaster to level up your fire training

by Marcus
Don't wait for a disaster to level up your fire training

Don’t wait for a disaster to level up your fire training – GO BEYOND THE BASICS… BEAT THE STANDARD

When it comes to effective training vs. meeting the minimum standard some people learn the hard way that just doing the minimum to be compliant with OSHA or other training standards doesn’t do enough to protect Life or Property.

All too often people seek a pound of cure before an ounce of prevention. In a group discussion members of the LION Team met to discuss this topic and to explore what some organizations are doing to break the mould and take training to the next level.

Things you can do to take your training to the next level:

  • Implement Hands-On Training: Shift from theoretical knowledge to practical, hands-on experience with fire extinguishers to ensure users can operate them instinctively.
  • Repeat Practice Sessions: Encourage frequent and repeated practice until the correct response becomes second nature, ensuring preparedness for real-life scenarios.
  • Utilize Digital Simulation: Employ digital and virtual reality simulations, like digital bullseye panels, to provide immersive training experiences without real fire risks.
  • Customize Training to Environments: Adapt training methods to suit specific environments, such as dormitories, workplaces, or correctional facilities, to address unique hazards.
  • Factor in Real-Life Variables: Introduce variables like simulated smoke or victims into training scenarios to prepare trainees for a range of potential situations.
  • Incorporate Progressive Learning Approaches: Use escalating training approaches that start with basics and progress to more complex and challenging scenarios.
  • Community Engagement: Extend training opportunities to the community, educating the public and not just the workforce, to promote widespread safety knowledge.
  • Conduct Regular Drills: Regularly scheduled fire drills can keep preparedness at the forefront of organizational culture and ensure skills remain sharp.
  • Emphasize Continuous Education: Hold periodic refresher courses and stay updated with the latest fire safety techniques and equipment to maintain a high level of competency.
  • Encourage Feedback and Discussion: Create forums for discussion and feedback post-training to allow trainees to share experiences, ask questions, and learn from each other.

These suggestions, derived from the insights shared during the webinar, highlight that a proactive and engaged approach to fire extinguisher training can significantly enhance safety preparedness within organizations.

Don’t wait for a disaster to level up your fire training was written by MATT GARDNER from Lion Protects

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