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Disasters Expo Asia

by Marcus
Disasters Expo Asia 2024

Disasters Expo Asia will welcome thousands of specialists and experts from the disaster and emergency management industry from across the globe all under one roof, ensuring our attendees leave the show with tools and knowledge that need to thrive in the disaster and emergency management industry.

Asian cities have always been vulnerable to risks associated with disasterl hazards such as flood, wildfire, earthquakes, hurricanes and tropical storms and it has undermined long-term economic growth. This is why, at the Disasters Expo Asia, we highlight the need for comprehensive disaster management strategies, including risk assessment, preparedness, emergency response, and recovery efforts to create resilient cities

Source The Newest Products and Technologies

This is an incredible opportunity to come face-to-face with thousands of the world’s top suppliers and try, touch and test a multitude of products. You can take advantage of free advice and consultations, helping you to secure the best deals and take your business or agency to the next level!

Exceptional Keynote Speakers

The industry’s most influential figures are stepping up to deliver keynote sessions, covering everything from the latest trends to how to protect your own home and business from disasters! Listen in as top tips and tricks are revealed, providing you with a wealth of new knowledge to better protect from disasters and damage loss.

Inspiring Seminar Sessions

Our seminar sessions are specifically tailored to cover all aspects of the industry. So whether you’re looking for advice as a government agency or some fresh ideas and direction for an already establish business, you’re sure to find what you need to position yourself as an industry leader in disaster mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery, whichever sectors is your focus.

Unparalleled Networking Opportunities

There is no better way to connect with the leaders in your industry face-to-face to discuss new ideas and business tips or to source the latest products and solutions.

Event Organiser: Fortem International
Event Website:  https://www.fortem-international.com/

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