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Disaster Deployment Kit

by Greg Preston
Disaster Deployment Kit

Disaster Deployment Kit supplied by Savox Communications

Disaster Deployment Kit – The All-in-One Search and Rescue Toolbox. The Savox Disaster Deployment Kit is a real all-in-one search and rescue toolbox for professional search and rescue teams. It provides tools for visual victim search and locating, as well as life detection by means of seismic and acoustic sensors. With this kit you’ll stand prepared for the victim search, detection, and locating tasks.

The kit has been specifically configured for easy procurement, deployment and storage in mind. It’s a perfect choice for urban search and rescue teams, enhanced rescue squads, regional task forces, FEMA and SUSAR teams who are seeking the highest quality, easy to use, cost effective, all-in-one technical search system for their standard equipment cache. The Disaster Deployment Kit comes complete in a single storage case and is designed to be both easily transportable and rapidly deployable anywhere disaster strikes.

The kit includes the full six-sensor Delsar® LifeDetector® System that provides seismic detection of victims, and the high-end SearchCam 3000. SearchCam comes with the long tube set and the extension tube that allow for reach of up to 223 inch (566 cm). Alternatively the camera can be used without the tube set, and lowered to a cavity using the supplied rope accessory kit. The camera head is water tight up to 75 feet (23 m) depth. Delsar Victim Simulator is included for efficient training of the LifeDetector®

The equipment contained in the Disaster Deployment Kit™ is cross compatible with other members of the Savox Rescue Solutions family: SearchCam Recon III™, and Delsar® Mini LifeDetector®. Batteries and chargers are completely interchangeable to streamline the logistics and battery management during full training and deployments.

Key Benefits

  • Field proven high-end ruggedized video camera
  • ClearSearch display, high readability in sunlight
  • Benefits of color and IR cameras
  • Modular structure, interchangeable tube set
  • Up to 223 inch (566 cm) reach with the included tube set
  • Waterproof up to 75 feet ( 23 m)
  • Two-way victim communication in the camera
  • Seismic sensor system for victim detecting and locating
  • High resolution 6 sensor seismic system
  • Easy-to-read display shows all channels simultaneously
  • Cost effective kit
  • Comes in single heavy-duty storage case
  • Easy to store
  • Rapid to deploy
  • Single battery standard used in the kit

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Disaster Deployment Kit supplied by Savox Communications

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