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Demonstration Site

by Marcus
Demonstration Site at INTERSCHUTZ

Demonstration Site at INTERSCHUTZ

The INTERSCHUTZ demonstration site have always been a special attraction for guests. This is where the action is – vehicles and equipment are demonstrated, the latest firefighting techniques are shown and rescue operations are depicted.

The aim is for visitors to experience as realistically as possible how modern emergency response works. INTERSCHUTZ 2022 goes one big step further: the real demonstrations known so far can be combined with virtual presentations.

A heavy rain scenario in bright sunshine, a building collapse even without an existing “real” building – none of this will be a problem in the future. Technology makes it possible. Both everyday accidents and current or conceivable catastrophes and crises are staged with the support of modern media technology.

If, for example, a cloudburst is to dominate the action in fine weather, the rainfall, lightning and thunder can be virtually “mixed in”. Even firefighting operations for a forest fire can be shown without trees being on fire in real life. Even the smell should be able to be perceived, the initiators promise.

Even a cyber attack with total blackout, which is more than conceivable nowadays, can be staged. The virtual representation will be superimposed on the real event taking place on the demonstration area. The equipment includes several huge displays as well as a sound system, a central control room and a mobile interview studio.

Movable grandstands ensure that the audience is right up close. An extensive projection area with a city backdrop provides the setting for almost every conceivable scenario, depending on requirements.

Demonstration Site at INTERSCHUTZ

INTERSCHUTZ covers the full range of products and services for the fire and rescue services, civil protection, safety and security industries.

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