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Delta Fire Launches The Delta Mini 3D Nozzle Ball

by Greg Preston
Delta Fire Launches The Delta Mini 3D Nozzle Ball

The Delta Mini 3D Nozzle Ball is a truly unique concept in fire suppression that has found favour with a multitude of industry sectors. A mini version of Delta’s larger 3D Extinguisher Ball, this nozzle is perfect for car fires, skip fires and indeed any small compartment fire that requires rapid extinguishing or cooling.

Fitted with multiple nozzles providing a 3D coverage the Mini Nozzle Ball can be fitted to a long reach rigid tube to enable fire fighters to pass it through a car window or into a skip while keeping at a safe distance. The fire is extinguished almost immediately reducing the risk of fire spread to other vehicles or property.

A range of interchangeable threaded nozzle sizes are available from powerful solid jet nozzles, spray nozzles, misting nozzles and ultra fine fog nozzles ideal for cooling and dust suppression.

The Mini Nozzle Ball provides exceptional penetration and saturation of multiple substrates quickly attacking the seat of the fire. The Mini Nozzle Ball is also perfect for use with wetting agents for enhanced penetration.

Available with British Instantaneous or any International Adaptor on request.

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