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Delta Fire Launch Nova Phoenix Hose

by Marcus
Delta Fire Launch Nova Phoenix Hose

Delta Fire Launch Nova Phoenix Hose which continues a programme of investment in research and development of new products for the fire market. Delta Fire has built up a globally respected brand used by professionals in over 60 countries.

Professional fire fighters can now benefit from Delta Fire’s new extremely heat and flame tolerant Phoenix hose, suited in particular for fighting wildfires where hose lines can be exposed to extreme temperatures. Delta’s new Phoenix combines all the attributes of a high quality Type 3 layflat hose, exceeding the requirements of BS6391. Initial trials of Phoenix exposed the hose to temperatures up to 900C for more than an hour without bursting. This makes it a breakthrough product in the industry.

Phoenix is also highly resilient to wide range of chemicals and oils because it is constructed with a unique internal and external blended PVC and nitrile rubber lining. It can also be used for the transfer of sea water and hot water in other applications. The external nitrile coating provides an incredibly tough, resilient cover designed to withstand use in the harshest of environments ensuring excellent abrasion resistance and durability. These attributes also provide extreme resistance to ozone and UV damage guaranteeing long term value for money.

Phoenix is available in a range of standard diameters from 1? (25mm) to 3? (75mm) and lengths from 15m to 60m, however, larger diameters and lengths up to 200m are available upon request. Finished in hi-viz orange for ease of identification Delta Fire are confident this hose is set to become a staple part of the professional firefighters armoury over the next year.

For more information visit www.deltafire.co.uk

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