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Delta Fire Fog Spike shows popularity with FRS

by Marcus

Norfolk based UK manufacturer Delta Fire are pleased to announce the award of a 4 year contract to supply their new Delta Fire Fog Spike system to one of the country’s largest Fire & Rescue Services.

The Fog Spike provides a highly cost effective solution enabling first responding fire crews to significantly improve fire conditions in compartment fires, prior to fire fighter entry, greatly reducing risks to personnel and minimalizing fire damage.

Principally intended for use on dwelling fires the concept is to provide a means of introducing a fine mist into a compartment from the outside via a small entry hole just large enough to insert the Fog Spike but small enough to deny significant oxygen ingress. The Fog Spike has the capability to be driven through common building materials such as plasterboard, flat roofs, roof tiles and thatch etc and is particularly well suited to roof / loft fires. The unique Fog Hammer serves two purposes. The Spiked side creates the puncture point and the Hammer side drives the Spike into position. The finely divided water produced by the Spike is mostly evaporated minimising water damage significantly. To extend the versatility of the Fog Spike the recent contract award included the supply of SDS drill sets to enable use through blockwork, masonry, wood and steel.

The Fog Spikes are supplied in either ‘Attack’ or ‘Restrictor’ models. The ‘Attack’ Spikes will produce a narrow, directional water pattern of 24 square metres whereas the ‘Restrictor’ Spike produces a much wider fan of 10 square metres. When used together the combined effect is incredibly effective with fast results, enhanced operator safety and minimal damage.

Whilst the Fog Spikes can be supplied in any format to suit the individual requirements of the Service, Delta recommend two principal sets, one for fire crews operating at ground or ladder height and one designed for high access appliance use. The former includes one ‘Attack’ & one ‘Restrictor’ Spike plus the Fog Hammer. Each Spike is fitted with ‘on-off’ ball valves for complete user control and can be supplied with adaptors to suit any hose configuration. Supplied in a convenient Shoulder Holster the set weighs in at just 6.8kg.

The second option comprises one ‘Attack’ & two ‘Restrictor’ Spikes plus the Fog Hammer, a 3-way divider and 3 x 10 metre lengths of Type 3 Nova fire hose. This enables one mainline hose to supply three Spikes spanning a 30m area – ideal for roof/loft fire suppression. Supplied in a bespoke metal cradle this option can be secured to high access cages for easy deployment.

To complement the range Delta Fire also offer a Marinised version of the Fog Spike designed to be capable of penetrating steel shipping containers both at sea or in port storage.

The high level of interest in this system has resulted in a significant number of other Services now trialing the Fog Spikes. Results have been excellent to date with several reporting levels of performance higher than far more expensive systems on the market.

For further details or to arrange a trial & live fire demo please contact simonl@deltafire.co.uk or call on 01603 735001, also visit the Delta Fire site for more information.

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