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Delivery of the first new Z8 for German airport

by Marcus
Delivery of the first new Z8 for German airport

Delivery of the first new Z8 for German airportAirport Münster Osnabrück receives two new ZIEGLER airport firefighting and rescue vehicles

The Airport Münster-Osnabrück (FMO) receives two new Z-Class of the type Z8. Therefore, FMO is the first airport worldwide that received a Z8 of the latest generation of the new ZIEGLER flagship.

ZIEGLER Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Vehicles –The new Z-Class

The conception of ZIEGLER Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Vehicles is one of the most successful in the world. At many international airports, the vehicles of the Z-Class have proven themselves for decades: with extremely powerful, user-friendly technology and uncompromising reliability.

Delivery of the first new Z8 for German airport

The offering for airports is completed by standard vehicles for property protection and the security of the airport infrastructure. In the year 2020, ZIEGLER Group presented the first Z6 of the new Z-Class. This vehicle shows unprecedented acceleration values, the most powerful drive motor on the market, an extremely spacious cabin (Z-Cab AiR) and much more.

Of course the new Z-Control and the new ZIEGLER turrets are also part of the equipment. With an experience of more than 50 years in producing airport rescue and firefighting vehicles, ZIEGLER created a new standard with the rollout of the new Z-Class last year.

Both of the new Z8, which have been developed for the airport Münster Osnabrück, impress with their enormous performance which brings the tremendous extinguishing volume of 14,000 l each to the place of action quickly in a case of emergency. The impressive acceleration(from 0 to 80 km/h in < 18 s, Vmax 140 km/h) due to the two Scania DC 16 386 motors with 770 HPeach,and also the excellent handling are responsible for the vehicles being able to drive safely on the asphaltic roads -but also aside them –and to get to the place of action in a short time.

Excellent driving characteristics provided by TITAN T52-8×8 Twin-Engine-Chassis

TITAN Spezialfahrzeugbau GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers for ARFF chassis and has successfully completed numerous customer projects in the long-standing partnership with ZIEGLER Group.With many yearsof experience, the close exchange with the ZIEGLER Group, the joint customer contact as well as the integration of latest driving technologies, TITAN has contributed it part to raise the performance of the Z-Class to the next level.

The development of the new Z-Class was fundamentally rethought –the approach was a consistent, comprehensive platform strategy. This development also resulted in a well-thought-out, modular ARFF chassis series (4×4 –6×6 –8×8) which more than fulfills all international requirements, sets new standards and at the same time allows optional chassis accessories according to customer requirements.

With the delivery of the first two new Z8 based on TITAN T52-8×8 Twin Engine chassis to Münster-Osnabrück Airport, another game-changing development step has been completed.

Robust drive and braking system for reliable performance in any situation

The two Scania engines combined with two ZF EcoLife Offroad transmissions ensure fast operational readiness. The 3,000 Nm of input torque from each of the ZF transmissions catapult the 48-ton fire truck to top speed without any interruption in the tractive force. In conjunction with the new torque converter with integrated torque converter lock-up clutch and torsional dampers, smooth launching, good acceleration figures and smooth driving are ensured even at low engine speeds. Powerful retarders decelerate the Z8, making service braking gentler and reducing wear.

ZF EcoLife Offroad can also accommodate auxiliary power units. Options include two power take-offs with a combined torque of 1,000 Nm. The electronics in this transmission system are tailored precisely to the vehicle and relieve the driver of clutch and shift work. This eliminates operating errors and allows drivers to concentrate fully on challenging assignments.

Delivery of the first new Z8 for German airport
ZF Ecolife Offroad

To minimize necessary wiring, the control unit is directly mounted onto the transmission. Programmed specifically for each vehicle, the control unit communicates with other vehicle components via a standardized CAN bus interface (CAN SAE J1939).

ZF’s electronic braking system (EBS) offers the entire range of modern braking technology for demanding commercial vehicle applications. EBS transmits the driver’s deceleration commands electronically to all EBS components via a brake electronics system. This shortens the response time and, in turn, the stopping distance.

Delivery of the first new Z8 for German airport
The electronic breaking system from ZF

The system also distributes the brake forces and supports efficient brake management between the service brakes and endurance brakes. EBS enhances safety and helps improve vehicle stability. Maximum availability comes courtesy of two pneumatic circuits and one electronic circuit. Reduced service and maintenance effort optimize vehicle uptime. Integrated diagnostic functions also constantly monitor the braking system performance.

Perfectly coordinated individual components for security during the operation

The extremely spacious cabin “Z-Cab AiR” has been developed further. It offers a height of 1,80m for the passengers to stand comfortably, as well as the best panorama view due to the high level of glazing. All relevant norms are being fulfilled of course and, in most areas, even excelled. Thanks to the excellent composition concept, the highest level of extinguishing agent is being reached with optimal weight distribution, as well as with an extremely low gravity centre at the same time.

The highly productive ZIEGLER FPN 10-10000, the HRETZ-Attack with a height of 17m and the turret Alco APF 3 ensure an optimal use of the extinguishing agent and therefore the most efficient extinguishing. The controlling occurs with the latest generation of Z-Control, which had been published in 2020 as well. This generation of Z-Control offers a safe, glove friendly and intuitive handling due to light-colours and light-animations: For example, only functions which are able to be activated are shown at the user interface.

The assistance system for warnings, errors, status indicators and additional information makes work during an operation a lot easier. Additionally, both vehicles are equipped with a panoramic camera system “BirdView”, a light mast with LED spotlights and a front side rapid intervention unit. Another feature of the vehicle is the remote maintenance system, which was developed in cooperation with the ZF Friedrichshafen AG. The system was also developed for the vehicle due to the strategic partnership of digitalization and networking between ZIEGLER and ZF Friedrichshafen.

Both companies announced the cooperation in January 2022. In future, more vehicles ofZIEGLER Group will be equipped with suitable connectivity solutions. Basically,ZIEGLER offers the most different configuration possibilities to all vehicles to create airport firefighting and rescue vehicles, which are matching the varying customer requirements worldwide. The maximum of security for the emergency services, as well as the best performance of the coordinated components are the main topics.

Delivery of the first new Z8 for German airport

Airport Münster Osnabrück

The cooperative business relationship between the airport Münster Osnabrück and ZIEGLER already exists for many years. Also, the airport rescue and firefighting vehicles that are currently in the operation were produced by the body manufacturer from Giengen/Brenz. In the years 1995, 2000 and 2006 ZIEGLER already delivered one Z8 to the Airport Münster Osnabrück.”We are very pleased to be the first airport that puts a Z8 of the latest generation into operational service.

The two vehicles are an extreme great addition to our fleet and are an important element in ensuring that we can continue to guarantee safety at our airport in the future through the latest technology,” says Olaf Pohlmann, head of the airport fire department at Münster/Osnabrück Airport.

For more information visit https://www.ziegler.de

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