Dafo Brand AB

by Marcus

Dafo Brand AB have extensive experience and a productline containing both imported products as well as items we manufacture ourselves for an efficient fire rescue service give us a leading position in the market.
Since its beginnings back in 1919, Dafo Brand has developed into a modern, high-tech company.
Dafo is a family owned company with its head office located in Sweden. As he biggest Nordic supplier of fire safety and rescue equipment, we have the very best solutions to offer every customer.
We can help find exactly the right products to suit your business. No matter if it is Fire safety, extinguishing equipment or rescue equipment; we can make sure you always get the solutions you need. Our aim is to make sure all our customers are safe and secure.
We have five main business areas: First line fire safety and services B2B, Wholesale business to partners and resellers, Fire suppression systems for buildings,Fire and Rescue equipment and Fire suppression systems for vehicles.
We cooperate with several international manufacturers such as AWG, Vetter, Total, TFT and Ziegler and are able due to direct contacts, without middlehands, and large purchasevolumes, to offer competitive prices and speedy deliveries.
Our many international contacts give us access to and knowledge of products and methods in use around the world.
Products manufactured by us include among other things pumps (HT 112), PPV-fans (SweFan 24″) and hosereals(S

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