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Custom Four Story Tower

by Marcus
Custom Four Story Tower

The Custom Four Story Tower has features including an offset tower, and reversed annex the custom four story tower provides superior training value to all your needs.

Custom Four Story Tower Construction

Our unique design and construction method allows for limitless spans and endless finish possibilities. This provides maximum flexibility of design for optimum training value, while simultaneously ensuring seamless aesthetics regardless of budget. Our composite delta stud panel system is like nothing else in the market for burn building design and construction.

FIREBLAST GLOBAL Custom Four Story Tower Construction Advantages:

Low Maintenance and high durability
100% non-combustible materials
Composite concrete floors and walls
Low heat transfer materials
Low sound transfer
No floor to floor smoke migration
Flexible design
High wall point load
Reduced foundation costs
Reduced super structure costs
Reduced installation time
Earthquake, blast and hurricane resistant
No restrictions on door and window placement
Building reacts like a standard commercial or residential building
Building construction style can be used for new construction, remodel of existing or damaged buildings

Custom Four Story Tower Design Services

FIREBLAST GLOBAL knows that owners and facility operators don’t just purchase training equipment, but rather, they desire full training solutions. Fireblast’s Design Services Group offers pre construction solutions.  With our comprehensive expertise, the Design Services Group is able to provide complete training solutions for our customers.

As a member of your agency’s design team, we are committed to the establishment of a partnership with your architect and engineer in providing valuable input through all phases of each project. While a training center is being completed, FIREBLAST GLOBAL can assist in the development of curriculum. Once complete, we offer instructor  development and train-the-trainer programs that go  beyond basic operation and maintenance training, thereby providing a truly comprehensive solution.

Our focus on each project is ensuring owner objectives are met and maximum training value is realized in all facilities.

Design Services Responsibilities

Design and Engineering
Project Management

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