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Crisis Prevention Symposium

by Marcus
Crisis Prevention Symposium

Crisis Prevention Symposium at INTERSCHUTZ 2022

Cross-border cooperation in disaster relief and the management of extreme weather conditions are the key topics at a two-day on 21 and 22 June symposium on civil protection at INTERSCHUTZ 2022.

Convention Center | Hall 2

Beta-Verlag – the Bonn-based publisher of the respected trade journal CRISIS PREVENTION (CP) – has been successfully organizing conferences on civil protection for several year s, and is now, for the very first time, staging a CP symposium as part of INTERSCHUTZ.

The symposium will be held at the Convention Center, hall 2. The presentations and sessions will run on both days. In the afternoon attendees will have the opportunity meeting up with representatives of companies that provide the vehicles, technologies and services necessary for modern civil protection at INTERSCHUTZ.

Crisis Prevention Symposium
Quelle: Regina Sablotny


In terms of topics, the first day will deal with cross-border cooperation in disaster situations, focusing on Germany, Switzerland and the US.

The second day will focus on the civil protection challenges posed by extremes of weather, such as floods, droughts and wildfires. These topics are becoming increasingly important in light of climate change and require coordination and connection between and among aid agencies and government institutions at both national and international level.

The civil protection symposium is aimed primarily at leaders from public-sector authorities and agencies with responsibility for safety and security and decision-makers from fire departments and aid organizations.

Crisis Prevention Symposium
Quelle: Regina Sablotny


The full program for the civil protection symposium at INTERSCHUTZ is available as pdf download (German). The symposium will be moderated by Benno Fritzen, a civil protection expert and former Fire Chief of the German city of Münster.

Presentation languages will be German or English.


We would be delighted to welcome you to this year’s CP Symposium at Interschutz 2022.

A free registration for the CP Symposium is required. This includes, among other things, the visit of INTERSCHUTZ 2022 for the selected days.

Please note the registration instructions on the above website!

About the organizers

Beta-Verlag, Bonn, Germany, publishes the trade journals CRISIS PREVENTION WEHRMEDIZIN UND WEHRPHARMAZIE as also EUROPEAN MILITARY MEDICAL SERVICES (EMMS). CRISIS PREVENTION (CP) is Germany’s official journal for emergency management, internal security and disaster relief.

Crisis Prevention Symposium

The publisher also has an online CRISIS PREVENTION portal which has sections on internal security, firefighting, disaster relief and communications and IT. It carries multi-disciplinary editorial content and news reports that support crisis prevention professionals in their daily work and help to optimize crisis responses.


Beta Verlag & Marketinggesellschaft mbH
Julia Ehlen

INTERSCHUTZ covers the full range of products and services for the fire and rescue services, civil protection, safety and security industries.

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