CR 1600 Reel

by Marcus


Hannay Reels offers a full range of manual, spring, and power rewind cable fire hose reel options for a variety of industrial, broadcast, agriculture, fire/rescue, and most mobile applications. Hannay’s cable reels offer live connection of fire fighting equipment power cable for direct wiring to a collector ring assembly, allowing for continuous current during cable payout and rewind.

The CR 1600 reel is lightweight, but features the same rugged construction as Hannay’s larger cable reels. This reel is available in several versions with power and manual rewind options. The compact size of the CR 1600 offers greater adaptability, and makes it ideal in work environments with limited space. Additionally, it is able to handle a large capacity of power cable for its size and weight.

Similar to the power option version, the Series ECR 1600 reel features power rewind to handle heavy and large capacities of power cable. Featuring either 110v or 12v electric rewind, the ECR 1600 is ideal for applications requiring live electric cable. It features a standard 3-conductor, 45 amp, 600-volt collector assembly with #8 gauge wiring from the collector ring to the junction box.

The Series CR 6600 is capable of handling larger gauge cable, and is offered with a standard auxiliary on power rewind versions. The series is supplied with a pinion brake, although other brakes or locking devices may be specified. The Series CR 6600 also offers various power rewind options and higher amperage.

The Hannay NSCR 700 cable reel features a compact design with a strong, narrow frame for use in confined spaces. A heavy-duty spring motor provides self-contained rewind power, with a non-sparking ratchet assembly that locks the reel when the desired length of cable is payed out. The NSCR 700 accommodates 50 to 120 feet of 14/3 to 8/3 AWG live electrical cable, and is equipped with a four-way roller assembly. A cable stop is also available to prevent roller and connector damage and permit the adjustment of free cable length.

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