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by Marcus

For process industry companies that look for assistance in integrating latest technologies within its operations, in a bid to cut costs without cutting corners, look no further than CPD Limited. CPD Limited Techfusion division has a proven track record in developing entirely bespoke systems, implementing tailored versions of packaged systems and integrating and improving our clients’ existing systems.
Bespoke software solutions
Our team of experienced developers work together with our project managers and business consultants to provide an end-to-end software development service or specific development lifecycle services. All members of this team have worked first hand for the industry's leading owner operators including but not limited to Sembcorp, ICI, Dupont, Huntsman, Enron & BP.

Other services

– Web mapping (using Bing, Google Earth & Autodesk Mapguide)
– Bespoke & unique web design
– Internet Service Provider
– Application hosting
– Video streaming
– Software / Systems support via dedicated helpdesk
In addition to our comprehensive software services, our Techfusion division has invested in development of a number of bespoke software solutions
Bespoke software solutions
iResponse: a map based emergency management system, designed to improve pre-planning, training and ensure managers & responders are 'best-prepared' when mitigating an emergency situation.
iPipeline: a map based web application that delivers an interactive map view of pipeline location, pipeline and product information, incident status and engineering records, underpinned by comprehensive decision support tools, which assist the safe and responsible management of pipeline networks.
ESRI .shp to Microsoft Virtual Earth (Bing) Converter; with virtual earth (Bing maps) providing a cost effective means for organizations to publish their GIS data to the web, it became apparent to Techfusion that a straightforward comverter was required to enable conversion of ESRI's .SHP format to Virtual Earth.

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