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Correct care for firefighting gloves

by Greg Preston
Correct care for firefighting gloves

ESKA firefighting gloves offer uncompromising protection in extreme conditions thanks to the use of high quality, strictly tested European raw materials and more than 105 years of expertise. The correct use and correct care for firefighting gloves of the gloves will ensure they are guaranteed a long life.

Correct care for firefighting gloves

If the gloves can be washed this will be indicated on the care label. Work gloves should be washed on a gentle cycle: wash textile firefighting gloves at 60° C and leather firefighting gloves at 30° C.

Fastenings and carabiners

Close any fastenings, particularly velcro fastenings, and remove carabiners before washing. This may otherwise lead to abrasion and damage to other textiles which are being washed at the same time.

Use the right detergent

Use a phosphate-free, mild detergent without a fabric conditioner, optical brightener, stain remover and without bleach otherwise this may damage the fibres or lead to the possible decomposition of the highly complex impregnation.

Maintain the shape

Do not dry the gloves in a tumble dryer after washing – instead, put them on whilst still wet and bring them into the correct shape in this way.

This guide to the Correct Care for Firefighting Gloves was provided by ESKA Gloves

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