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by Marcus

CoolFire cuts through building materials using a mixture of cutting abrasive and water to gain access to the fire without introducing oxygen into it.

Once CoolFire has cut through the building it creates a water mist inside, which suppresses and reduces the fire, cools and condenses fire gases and quickly reduces the temperature to allow safe entry.   This technology has been specifically developed to meet firefighters’ varied needs, most importantly to make their job safer by eliminating the risk of back draught and to increase firefighting performance.


Compared to similar cold cutting systems in the market CoolFire is by far the preferred choice.  Angus Fire builds on years’ of investment in research and development of firefighting equipment and applies the latest engineering technology, materials and processes.

As a result CoolFire is superior to other systems in terms of:

Superior safety due to the dead man functionality and wired technology.
Resilience – Stainless steel, NATO standard
Lance design and ergonomy
Easy and quick recharge of abrasive; non-metallic abrasive
Modular design making it a simple and efficient system to service and maintain
Efficiency -280bar at the lance end, quality abrasive
Low cost of use – spare parts, abrasive


CoolFire’s light weight ensures quick deployment and recovery after operation.  The modularity and simplicity of the CoolFire system means it can be customised to suite specific requirements and environments.  It can be fitted to almost any size of vehicle from new build to a retrofit installation.  The choice of PTO powered or engine driven skid systems gives further flexibility in terms of deployment and vehicle choice.  It can be skid mounted, retro-fitted to existing vehicles or designed into new vehicles.   Coolfire can be supplied with an integrated power pack (with diesel or petrol engine) or run from a vehicle PTO.

The CoolFire system comprises an ergonomically designed dual action lance, high pressure hose and control wire connected to a Command Module.

When both the Water and Abrasive triggers on the lance are pulled, abrasive is mixed with water [in the Command Module] to produce a high pressure abrasive waterjet which penetrates through the exterior of the structure and into the fire zone.

CoolFire Lance

The Lance is the final delivery and command component of the CoolFire system.  It is connected to the Hose/Umbilical through which it is supplied with water and electrical power and back through which it sends commands.

The Lance is an integrated piece of handheld equipment that delivers the High Pressure (300 Bar) water, with abrasive added when required, to the surface to be penetrated and through which a fine water mist.  The Lance is also the point from which the firefighter sends out commands to the rest of the CoolFire system to supply just water or water and abrasive.

The Lance comprises an ergonomically designed, heavy duty, plastic body shell which houses a stainless steel barrel, connection for the HP water, and three triggers.  Those three trigger are:

1/ High pressure (HP) Water Activation Trigger
2/ Garnet Abrasive Activation Trigger.
3/ Safety Interlock in the butt section. The Lance cannot function or demand any water flow without this safety interlock point engaged.


Building the Safety Interlock into the butt of the Lance not only ensures that the Lance is tight to the firefighter’s shoulder before use but also gives the user both hands to operate the water and abrasive triggers.   The Safety interlock is unique and is protected by a guard plate which, when the Lance is brought up to be fired, transforms into a shoulder rest which is also unique.

The end of the Lance barrel is fitted with a nozzle guard and shroud to protect the user from spray and deflected water.  Like every part of CoolFire, even the nozzle guard has been carefully designed and engineered to ensure it is exactly right – offering the best possible protection, stability, flexibility of use and stand-off for the nozzle.

CoolFire Command Module

The Command Module sits between the HP (300 Bar) Pump and the Hose Reel and Umbilical to the Lance.  Its role is to house and add abrasive to the water flow when required and to receive and send various commands to/from the HP Pump (and Engines when fitted) and the Lance.

The Command Module, like the rest of the CoolFire System, has been designed to be tough and simple to install and use.  It is constructed almost entirely of stainless steel, external connections are military standard and built for quick connection without tools.  The Command Module’s electrical system is built to IP67. The Command Module, as an entire unit, has been designed to meet NATO handling and environmental standards.


The Command Module is the control centre for the whole CoolFire system. It houses the majority of the 300bar high pressure circuit and the ‘quick change’ abrasive bottle containing 5 minutes supply abrasive. The Command Module manages the metering of abrasive into the water flow when the Lance Operator requires it._A7A7591

The Command Module also houses the electrical control system which sends and receives system information and commands. It incorporates a membrane touch panel with various operating displays including water pressure, hours run and abrasive used.  The membrane touch panel also houses a number of buttons for functions such as on/off and system test.  A number of status and warning indications are also present.

CoolFire Hose Reel

The Hose Reel sits between the Command Module and the Lance. Its role is to receive HP water (with or without abrasive) along with electrical signals to/from the lance and transfer them into the Hose/Umbilical. It also provides storage for the Hose/Umbilical.

The hose reel has a ‘slip ring’ incorporated into it to allow the transfer of the electrical signals between the Lance and Command Module to pass backwards and forwards.

The Hose Reel is fitted with a manual rewind mechanism as standard but can be fitted with an electrical or pneumatic rewind mechanism on request.

Hose/Umbilical sits between the Hose Reel and the Lance and its role is to enable high pressure water (with or without abrasive) to be sent to the Lance and electrical signals sent to/from the Lance.


The Hose/Umbilical comprises an HP Hose around which is wrapped a 4 core, flat, armoured electrical cable. The HP Hose and cable are covered by a protective shroud which is wear, heat and chemically resistant.  The Hose/Umbilical is usually supplied at a length of 80M with the first 2M on the reel being a separate section as this is the point at which most internal wear is encountered. All Hose connections are of high grade stainless steel whilst all electrical connection are of the military ‘Amphenol’ type.DSC00589

Because of the smart fluid engineering used, the hose has a very long life despite being used to carry abrasive. The Hose/Umbilical is extremely tough and can be used while ‘still on the reel’.  Because of its 3 piece design, partial replacement is possible in the event of wear or damage.

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