Conti CAFS

by Marcus

Permanent Peak Performance

The CONTI CAFS guarantees superior compressor performance – in any operating mode, no matter whether the pump is supplied from the tank, a deep well, a hydrant or a tanker. It is the perfect symbiosis of optimum performance and convenient controls.

The system consists of high-quality, carefully balanced components. A high level of operating safety is guaranteed by the careful integration of all components at ROSENBAUER.

Customer benefits:

Easy to use thanks to ROSENBAUER Logic Control System
DIGIDOS24 foam proportioning system
Continuous operation for at least 8h at ambient temperature of approx. 40° C
Wet and dry foam at the same time
Air flow without compromises
No 2nd PTO required to power the CAFS system
High level of operational safety
Besides producing CAF, simultaneous normal and high-pressure water delivery is also supported, if needed
Versions CONTI CAFS: 10, 30, 60
In compliance with DIN V 14430

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