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Combi Tool from Lukas shows dangerous situations its teeth

by Marcus
Combi Tool

Combi Tool from Lukas – Dangerous situations require extraordinary measures: This is why LUKAS has developed innovative “Shark Tooth” tips for the SC 757 E2. These give the high-performance combination tool the necessary bite.

Spreading, cutting and pulling at new record levels: The SC 757 E2 from LUKAS is the highest-performance battery-powered combination rescue tool on the market. The rescue tool also sets new standards with its 17.7 in / 450 mm spreading distance. And it even has the best cutting performance! (In the NFPA 1936 cutting classes, it achieves exactly the same values as the Alpha-Cutter S 700 E2.

You will not find a better battery-powered combination tool for USAR and road traffic accidents.

But that is not all. Thanks to its innovative “Shark Tooth” tips, it has an irresistible grip! The design and 4-row arrangement of the specially developed spreading tips provides maximum grip on the vehicle material!

A firm bite: the “Shark Tooth” tips.

If you remove the spreading tips, you can effectively use the full length of the cutting blade. This ensures maximum cutting performance and avoids crushing material between the tips.

The well-known KSV 13 chain set is used for pulling. This requires a separate adapter set. Once this is connected to the chain set using the unlosable bolt, the connection does not need to be released as a rule. Another unlosable plug bolt allows the adapter to slot onto the pull hole in the blade arms.

The SC 757 E2 combi tool can be used for road traffic rescue work on modern cars, lorries and buses, and for USAR and disaster work or in tunnels and buildings.

For more information visit rescue.lukas.com

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