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Chief Fire Officers Association

by Marcus
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The Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA) brings together all fire and rescue services (FRSs) across the country to promote the effectiveness of the service as whole for the benefit of communities across the country.

CFOA is proud to be the professional voice of the UK FRS, representing the collective views of the profession at a national level through its unique relationship with senior management teams. Our structure, governance processes and communications are deliberately designed to support our ability to be the voice of the profession.

CFOA believes that FRSs make a major contribution to building safe and resilient communities and protecting people and places from harm, as well as playing a key role in the country’s shared prosperity and creating conditions for economic growth. It is CFOA’s role to channel the expertise across the country for the benefit of the profession as a whole and support the development of both fire and rescue services and employees.

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